About Friends for the Future

     Our mission is to help promote healthy and sustainable worship communities where all people feel empowered and share equal rights and responsibilities to be fully engaged in the life of the community.

     Central to this work are trust circles that are designed to help individuals and groups to:

  • become better listeners;

  • reduce the tendency to be harshly judgmental;

  • give space and voice to those who are reluctant to share their thoughts, and beliefs about feeling “othered” out of anxiety about being repudiated or attacked;

  • use positive words in our everyday lives that unite us rather than those that suggest “us” and “them;”

  • strengthen our individual and collective sense of oneness and wholeness; and

  • deepen our understanding of and love for one another.

       Our vision is to live in a world where there is an individual and collective sense of unity and wholeness.

       The core values of Friends for the Future are:

  • trust,

  • integrity,

  • unity, and

  • authenticity.

Board of Trustees


Clinton Pettus, Clerk

Katherine Hancock Porter, Recording Clerk

Elizabeth Harlan, Treasurer

Bonney Moxley

Erin Roth

Lisa Oliveri

Kathryn Pettus

Nicole Butler